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COSCO International is Awarded the 3rd Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Logo
Date:2013-3-11   Browse:1862

On 30th January 2013, the presentation ceremony of “The 3rd Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Award Scheme - Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award”, co-organised by Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. To recognise the Company’s contribution in fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR), COSCO International was awarded the “Corporate Citizenship Logo (Enterprise Category)” by its unremitting efforts over the past years in fulfilling social responsibility, and promoting the sustainable development of the enterprise, society and the environment.

“Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Award Scheme”, at its third year, aims at enhancing corporate citizenship and encouraging the enterprises to demonstrate and promote social responsibility. By integrating the concept of corporate citizenship into operating strategies and management measures, it can help deliver the concept among the employees and their families, customers and the public, and hence facilitate the economic, social and environmental sustainable development.

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