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COSCO International Wins “Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards 2012”
Date:2013-3-11   Browse:1703


On 13th December 2012, COSCO International won the “Honourable Mention” in the competitive category of “Hang Seng Composite Index Constituent Companies” at the gala dinner for “Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards 2012”, co-organised by the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies and the Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy of Hong Kong Baptist University.

Mr. Zhang Liang, Vice Chairman of COSCO International, received the award on behalf of the Board of Directors (the “Board”). He said, “We are highly honoured being granted this honorable mention from the organiser and I hereby express my heartfelt thanks to all judges. The award is not only the recognition of COSCO International’s work but also an encouragement to us. In future, COSCO International will, on this ground, step up our efforts to enhance corporate governance and make further progress, so as to achieve the Company's sustainable development and maximise the shareholders’ value.”

The judging panel of “Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards 2012” expressed appreciation of COSCO International’s thoughtful governance structure, especially the composition of the Board, which comprises a majority of non-executive directors coming from backgrounds complementary to the business nature of the Company. This ensures a stronger governing role of check and balance. In addition, the Board of COSCO International has a clear articulated vision of continuing review and improvement of its corporate governance, which combined with the well-implemented corporate social responsibility program taking account of the needs and concerns of the Company’s wide spectrum of stakeholders. The judging panel also gave special credit to the Company as it set up an independent Risk Management Committee to oversee the implementation of the Company's risk control even it is not a financial institution. This fully shows that the Company attaches great importance to corporate governance and sustainable development.

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